Choosing a Mosquito Net

All the nets we stock are of the highest quality and have 300 holes per square inch, double what WHO (The World Health Organisation) recommends.

Zi Technology

Zi Technology is a combination of Permethrin and a unique binding substance. It works by killing insects whenever they make contact with the net, therefore reducing the amount of mosquitoes in your room, and reducing your chances of getting bitten. The Pyramid nets we stock come pre-treated to help give you the best protection possible.
The Cot Bell Net does not come treated due to the increased risk of ingestion by young children.
The treatment lasts for 2 years or 35 washes. 

Hanging Nets
All the hanging nets we sell come in their own travel carry bag, with a full hanging kit included.

Box Net
Double Box Mosquito Net in White Weight and Size(cm)

 Single: 0.50kg

 Double: 0.55kg

Colour:  White

  • Largest enclosed volume of any net style, allowing greater air circulation and hence it is cooler.
  • Requires multiple support points and is usually attached to a purpose built frame.
  • Suited to indoor use in a semi-permanent or permanent location eg. base camps, hospitals etc.
Bell Net
Double Bell Mosquito Net in White Weight and Size(cm)

 Double: 0.70kg
 Cot: 0.45kg

Colour: White

  • Slightly less volume than a box net.
  • Hung from a single support point.
  • Makes use of a spreader to push the net out and give greater enclosed space.
  • Suitable for irregular bed sizes.
  • Ideal for both permanent and temporary locations, but usually indoors.
  • Also available in a cot size to fit over either a baby’s cot or play pen.
Wedge Net
Double Wedge Mosquito Net in White Weight and Size(cm)

 Single: 0.40kg
 Double: 0.45kg

Colour:  White, Green

  • Very easy to put up, only requires between one and three support points.
  • Space-efficient making it small and light to carry.
  • It’s reduced volume means it can be hotter than larger nets.
  • Best suited to use in temporary overnight accommodation and tented camps, or by people moving from location to location.
Compact Net
Double Compact Mosquito Net in White Weight and Size(cm)

 Single: 0.25kg
 Double: 0.30kg

Colour: White, Green
  • Lightest style of net available, making it great for backpackers.
  • It’s triangular shape only requires one hanging point which means it is best suited for use in a tent.
Self-Supporting Nets

If you choose a self-supporting net you will get immediate protection when you need it most.  The nets are made using strong struts making them very durable. They simply pop into shape the moment you take them out of the bag, with no hanging points required.

Double Mosinet in White Weight and Size(cm)

 Single: 1kg
 Double: 1.15kg

Colour: White

  • Creates a dome shaped canopy in seconds.
  • The struts are adjustable at the corners to give a tight fit over your bed.
  • The pop-up frame creates a spacious enclosure and is suited for use in hotels or hostels.
  • Comes with a built in zipper for easy entry and exit.
Pop-Up Dome
 Pop-up Dome Mosquito Net in WhiteWeight and Size(cm)

 Single: 0.70kg

Colour: White, Green
  • Extremely versatile, can be used indoors, outdoors, or in a tent.
  • It creates a dome shape and is extremely easy and quick to pack away.
  • Smallest style of net, makes it excellent for travel.
  • When being used outside, the edges can be pegged down to keep it secure in wind.