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On this page, you will find helpful advice for the traveller on staying healthy.

Please click the links shown below to download our handy guides. Please visit our FAQ page for even more advice and answers to the most common questions asked by our customers.

Zika Virus Infographic (PDF)

Defeat Malaria - Prevention Is Better Than Treatment (PDF)

Mosquito Bourne Diseases - What You Need To Know (PDF)

Midge Protection Guide (PDF)

Protection From Insect Bites (PDF)

Ticks And How To Avoid Them (PDF)

Lyme Disease & Tick Bites – What You Need To Know (PDF)

How To Choose Your Mosquito Net (PDF)

How To Treat River Water (PDF)

How To Avoid Travellers Diarrhoea (PDF)

How To Avoid Bed Bugs (PDF)

How To Use Biox Aqua (PDF)

How To Use Hysan (PDF)

How To Use A Mosinet (PDF)

How To Use A Mosquito Pop-Up Dome (PDF)

How To Use A Impregnated Mosquito Net (PDF)

How To Use Our Premium Mosquito Nets (PDF)

How To Use Our Midge Protective Clothing Range (PDF)

How To Treat River Water For Drinking (PDF)

How To Choose A Mosquito Net (PDF)

How To Choose Insect Repellent (PDF)

How DEET Works (PDF)