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Trek Midge & Tick Repellent
Midge Jacket
Midge Head Net
Pop-Up Hat and Head Net

Being a Scottish company, we know all about midges – including how to stop the little blighters in their tracks!

A must-have for outdoor enthusiasts, our special midge-spec head nets prevent even the most determined of beasties from getting inside. We also offer a waist-up midge protective jacket for when conditions are really bad – a godsend for fishermen, those who work outdoors and others exposed to midges for any length of time.

For maximum protection, the nets can be used alongside our specially formulated Trek Midge & Tick repellent – an effective solution for the whole family that also prevents horsefly and tick bites.

You can also be exposed to ticks throughout the UK when spending time outdoors. An infected tick bite can lead to Lyme Disease and other tick-borne diseases. We have two products aimed at tackling the ever growing issue of Lyme Disease: a Tick Remover and the Unique Lyme Disease Test Kit.

Suitable for humans and animals, our Lyme Disease Test Kit offers the end user independent, accredited laboratory testing of a tick for the Borrelia bacteria, which are known to be the cause of Lyme disease, with fast, secure, verifiable results. These results can then be shown to a medical practitioner or veterinarian to obtain rapid medical treatment.