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Trek Midge & Tick Repellent
Tick Remover
Lyme Disease Test Kit / Testing Fee
Lyme Disease Test Kit | Testing Fee Only
Trek Sensitive Repellent Wipes
Ticks are tiny creatures that live in any area with long grass or any kind of vegetation.  They do not require heavily forested areas and are now regularly found in urban parks and gardens throughout the U.K., as well as more usual areas in the Scottish Highlands and South of England.

Ticks cannot jump or fly - they attach themselves to animals or humans that brush past them.  If the tick bites into the skin, it will feed on the host's blood for a period of time before dropping off.

The majority of tick bites are harmless and will lead to no ill effects, however a small percentage of ticks carry the Borrelia bacteria which is proven to be the cause of Lyme Disease, and it is therefore important to remove ticks safely as soon as possible after being bitten.

Our Products:
  • Midge & Tick Repellent | The best and simplest solution to the problem of ticks is to not get bitten!  Avoid walking through long grass or areas of heavy vegetation, wear light coloured clothing so that you can spot any ticks quickly and brush them off, tuck trousers into socks and apply a repellent to all areas of exposed skin.  Our repellent is clinically proven to be effective against ticks.  Our insect repellent wipes feature the same active ingredient as our Midge & Tick Repellent and are ideal for young children or anybody who would prefer not to use a spray.
  • Tick Removers | Very simple, pocket sized tools for the safe removal of ticks and supplied with full instructions.
  • Lyme Disease Testing Kit | If you do contract Lyme Disease, it is really important to get antibiotic treatment as soon as possible to minimise the risk of long term effects.  Early stage symptoms of this illness are very varied and can be attributed to many different conditions, and a correct diagnosis can be very difficult for a medical professional.  Our kit tests the tick for the presence of the Borrelia parasite that causes Lyme disease and provides an official results certificate.  Combining a positive results certificate with some of the recognised early stage symptoms will allow a correct, fast diagnosis and provision of the correct treatment.